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What are the Administration and Gift to resort fees?


Fitness Vacation Exchange charges a small ADMINISTRATION FEE which covers the arrangement of your Fitness Vacation Exchange, correspondence between resorts, finalizing of reservation dates, airport pickup coordination (with Host Resorts that offer this service),and general Instructor support. 



Approved FVE Instructors are also required to pay a GIFT TO RESORT FEE that contributes in providing a gift to their Host Resort. Please note that Instructors may be asked to deliver gifts to the Host Resort. 

  • Fitness Vacation Exchange has established a GIFT TO RESORT component as a gesture of appreciation to our participating Host Resort Partners in allowing one of our Approved Instructors to teach fitness classes at their Resort. Each Host Resort is given a Gift of Items equaling $195 USD.

  • Gift Items are Resort specific, based on the needs and requests of the Resort. Often times, the Gift Items in which the Host Resort has requested are difficult to find, or too expensive to purchase in the Resort's home country- all Gifts received are greatly appreciated by the Host Resort. 

  • Fitness Vacation Exchage will purchase ALL GIFTS requested by the Host Resort and ship them to the residence of the traveling Instructor prior to departure. Traveling Instructors will receive information from FVE that specifies what Gift Items are being shipped to their residence. Instructors are able to open the package(s) shipped to their residence with caution, as to not cause damage, or have to replace or exchange the item(s) in anyway.

Please email for any questions regarding the GIFT TO RESORT FEE.

what will i be teaching and when?

An Approved Instructor will receive information about their Fitness Class Schedule before their departure. 

It is importrant to note that teaching schedules or classes may change, so it is always necessary for the Instructor to CONFIRM the assigned teaching schedule upon the arrival at the Resort.  All Resorts ask Instructors to plan on providing their teaching services (2) hours per day. 

are fve travel dates always saturday to saturday?

Most resorts require Saturday to Saturday travel. This travel schedule allows for no overlapping of FVE Instructors within a Host Resort. 

At times, we will have a Resort that requests a shorter stay, or a Travel/Arrival Day other than Saturday. We advise Instructors of this via the website, under the selected Resort Tab in the TRAVEL Section. As you scroll through our Resort Tabs, you will find all TRAVEL date specifications.

can i extend my stay within a host resort upon completing my 7 day fve experience?

Opportunities do exist to extend your stay. Please contact 

to discuss Resort Date extensions.

may i bring my spouse, friend, or children with me?

Bringing a spouse, friend, or children to your Fitness Vacation Exchange depends on which Host Resort you select.

Currently all Host Resorts partnered with FVE allow the Instructor to bring

(1) Adult companion for no additional charge.  
Within most of FVE Family Host Resorts, there is a maximum of (2) Adults and (2) Children, ages 12 and under per room, and DO NOT charge an additional fee for (2) Children, ages 12 and under.

Please contact for specific requests.  

does my host resort provide transportation from the airport to the resort and back?

FVE Host Resorts DO NOT provide transportation. The Fitness Vacation Exchange Team provides each Instructor with information about trusted FVE recommended transportation providers that have competitive pricing and great quality. Transportation requests can ONLY be found in the Approved Instructor's Fitness Vacation Exchange Instructor Dashboard (FVE I.D.)

what is the fitness vacation exchange instructor dashboard (fve i.d.), and how do i gain access to it?

The Fitness Vacation Exchange has added an extra layer of security for Approved FVE Instructors:



The FVE I.D. allows Approved Instructors to download important FVE documents, request Reservation dates, select which Fitness Classes they would like to teach, request Airport Transfer Services, and SO MUCH MORE!

SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION to start the process of getting APPROVED to be a


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