Can Fitness Classes Help Gain Positive Reviews for Your Resort?

October 1, 2016

The answer is a resounding YES!


For many guests, one of their booking requirements is that the resort offer top-notch workout facilities and/or onsite fitness classes. Often, it is so important, that it is the deciding factor on whether a guest books one resort or another.


Most resorts have a meager fitness center with a couple stationary bikes, some free weights and a treadmill for people to work out on their own.


They make certain to advertise it on their website because they know it can be a deciding factor on weather a customer will book their resort. But all so often, when the guest arrives they are disappointed in the equipment and lack of instruction.


So, what happens if your resort's fitness center is just so so, or it doesn't have fitness facilities altogether, yet you do not have the budget to hire professional, certified fitness instructors?


Don't be discouraged! There is a new way resorts can offer fitness classes to their guests, and the best part is....IT'S FREE!


But before I tell you how I want to highlight one of the top 10 resorts in the USA. Located in Texas, this resort's claim to fame is it is a health & wellness resort.


Most of their reviews explain how people were looking to detox, clear their head, or find balance in their lives. The fact that fitness is involved is also very important.


“A girlfriend and I were looking for a workout vacation / detox trip and found lake Austin via Internet.” - Review from Tripadvisor


“Wow! What a spectacular place. If you need to be rejuvenated and rebalanced this is your place.” -Review from Tripadvisor


Making health, wellness and fitness a fun and enjoyable activity at your resort will add to your guests' overall experience, increase the diversity and uniqueness of your resort and serve as a way guests can connect and meet one another.


These experiences vacationers love and want to share with their friends back home. Call them bragging rights if you will. Guests take pictures of themselves enjoying fitness at your resort then posts on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram letting everyone know what a great time they are having. Once back home, they write 5-star reviews on Trip Advisor like this one from Beachgirl from San Clemente who wrote:


"Zumba and Aqua Zumba classes highlight visit to Vidanta Resort!”  November 15, 2015.


Fitness Vacation Exchange can help you in your quest to gain more positive reviews as well as cater to guests' needs in keeping fit, diversifying your resort's activities, and setting your hotel apart.


Just picture fit, energetic, fitness professionals leading your guests in fun classes like Aqua Zumba, WERQ dance fitness, or yoga on the beach. They will be happy, energized and ready to write that positive review to share with the world. 


Instructors for Fitness Vacation Exchange are also your customers. They too

 leave positive 5-star reviews of your resort on Tripadvisor. People will see those reviews and book. Moreover, they interact with your your resort guests on a daily basis, creating relationships with them that add to their positive experience.



It really is all about enhancing your customer’s experience. If you give them an experience to remember they are more likely to leave a review. How do you do that?

  • Cater to their needs and wants

  • Be diverse in your activities

  • Set yourself apart

  • Kill them with kindness

So what are you waiting for? Give Fitness Vacation Exchange a try. Get your employees on board and give your clientele the best experience they have had yet! 


For more ideas for your resort entertainment check out Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Resort Entertainment.


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