5 Tips to Gain Clients for Health & Wellness Coaches

September 30, 2016


This day in age it is entirely possible to start career entirely on the internet. There are many positives to this. You can work according to your schedule, if you have kids you can work from home, and it is entirely up to you how you run things. 


Health and Wellness coaches are making a living by coaching and advising people on how to be healthy, and it is completely through the world wide web.


The beauty of this is that there is no limitation to the clientele you have. You can have clients that live thousands of miles away, or they could be your neighbor. 


If you are looking to gain some clients for your newly started career of being a health and wellness coach here are some tips for you.


1. Start With Those You Know


First, ask yourself these questions:


Is there anyone you know already who could use this in their life?

Who is your target? Stay at home moms? Athletes? People whom have health issues due to obesity?


Make sure you put yourself in a position to be seen by the people you want to help.  Let your friends know what you are doing. Get the word out and you may pick up your first client without trying too hard. 


2. Social Media


According to 11 health and wellness coaches, social media was the reason for their success in finding their first clients.


Thanks to social media, we can now get word out in a matter of seconds. Get yourself into groups that involve fitness and work your way through those members to see who could use a coach.


Use hashtags, connect through multiple social medias, not just Facebook. This includes Instagram and Twitter. You can manage all of your social medias through Hootsuite. It is a pretty nifty tool to save you some time. 


3. Build a Website



This takes time but it is worth it. Anyone who is serious about their business has a website, and the puts the effort in to make it great.


Having a website is an inexpensive way to keep your information current and attractive. Here are 13 advantages to having a website. 


There are many things that go into building a website as you can see in the picture above. It helps to hire a marketer to do those things for you if you do not have the time. 


4. Go on a Fitness Vacation Exchange


This is an amazing experience, a way to change lives, and also a way of making connections for health and wellness coaching.


The bonus is you will be on vacation while doing this! You teach a fitness class at a resort twice a day and the resort gives you a place to stay for free. You meet some amazing people that you may connect with for the rest of your life. 


These people you are connecting with live all over the world. Once you find a client the word of mouth spreads. They may refer you to many more! 


Some instructors recently gave their testimonies about Fitness Vacation Exchange: 


"After teaching I always take time to connect to those I connect with in class. A lady from Atlanta says, "If your only reason for being here was to help one person, you've done it. I called my girlfriend and told her to sign us up for classes. I'm a believer and you are amazing." Had to walk away and cry in the corner. I appreciate the opportunity to see what happens as I walk this path...good and bad. THIS THO...so grateful#BreatheFitness #grateful #PiYo"


"It's the friendships I make during a Fitness Vacation Exchange that I love the most. Although I was only at the resort for 2 days, and my Spanish is very limited, the same guests kept coming to my classes. Just as I was leaving, one guest ran from the beach, across the pool area, with her back full of sunscreen (she was in the middle of applying it when she saw me leaving) to give me a huge hug and say thank you. It's these moments that keep me coming back for more! #FVEfit #Fitnessinparadise#Findyourselfhere #fitnessvacationexchange"



5. Go to Conferences


Here is a list of conferences to attend this year.

This will broaden your knowledge and make connections with other coaches.


You can always learn from others and ask them questions about how they started. Networking is always beneficial. 



The more you get to know people the more your network grows. Knowing people is one key to succeeding in business.


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