Get the Best of Work and Play on Your Fitness Vacation Exchange

September 27, 2016



I had an interesting experience at the airport just last weekend. I met some people who were heading to a business trip in Chicago. They expressed how their job communicated that they would "see the world".


They were disappointed with what that meant as they only ever saw the inside of a conference room. These men did not feel like they were experiencing anything worth while.


Now that, in part, could be their own fault. They were not making the most out of these trips.


A Fitness Vacation Exchange could be considered a glorified business trip. The great part about going on a Fitness Vacation Exchange is that you will be conducting your "business" in a beautiful resort, and experiencing all that goes with it.


Luckily for you, you will not feel like you are only seeing the inside of a conference room. That being said, there are still some ways you can make the most of work and play on your fitness exchange: 



1. Plan Ahead

Do some research before you leave! Make a list of the sites you want to see or activities you want to do. Use TripAdvisor, read blogs, and get to know the area before hand.


Look at the streets and figure out how you can get from A to B. There are many helpful tips online and great reads that may help you figure out what you would like to see. For example, Why Vacation the Riviera Maya? has many tips from a local perspective that might help you figure out how to make the most of your travels. 


2. Rest Well

With all that is on your list of things to do during your fitness exchange you will be exhausted by the end of the day. Make sure you rest well, and go to sleep at a decent time so you can wake up recharged and ready to go.


The resort in which you will be staying will be your home away from home. Make sure you take time to reset at the end of the day and relax. 


To see a list of our partner resorts click here.


3. Wake up Early

Getting a good start on the day will make a world of difference. You will find more time in the day to add in some recreation as well as teach your classes.


You can squeeze in some time to yourself and go on a jog down the main street, or stop by a cafe and eat a good breakfast. By waking up early you will look back on your day and feel that you have accomplished a lot more than you thought possible in one day. 


4. Eat Local

Food is a large part of what will make your experience great. You will be getting the all-inclusive experience and eating what they have at the resort. That is great! However, to add to your experience try eating locally.


There are many great places that are around the corner and when you do your research make a list of the hot spots you read about. This is a great opportunity to enjoy authentic, local cuisine. 

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