Tips to Make the Most of Your Fitness Exchange

September 25, 2016

If you are going on a fitness foreign exchange it is very important that you make the most out of it! You will be working a little bit of the time but that is okay because your work can definitely help you make your experience great.  


Make sure you ARE NOT just going to do your fitness class and have a few drinks in the sun. This is a rare opportunity that you are qualified to do. Take some risks, and gain some experiences you wouldn't have done otherwise! There is so much more you can do to make your experience FANTASTIC! 


Here are some suggestions that can help you enjoy your fitness exchange to the fullest.


TIP #1: Find a new place every day 


Take some time to meditate on the week to come and what you want to get out of it. Ask the people you are working with if they know of anything exceptional to do around the area.


Asking people is a great way to learn ESPECIALLY LOCALS.


Explore the land you are in. Go on a hike or run through some place you haven't been. Take a drive through the local cities. Eat some local food. There are so many places tourists don't know about. 


A lot of people are scared to try something new in a foreign land where they don't know the culture or language. It can be intimidating to say the least. Fear can hold people back from amazing things.


HINT: If you are in a part of the country that experiences high levels of tourism you are safer than you think. These people need your money. They want their land to have a good reputation to attract tourists. 


TIP #2: Give a bit of service every day


This doesn't have to be huge. There are always big acts you can do like volunteer your time for a good cause, however I am referring to small acts. 


Small acts of kindness are the best way to make the most of any fitness exchange. Opening a door, helping the elderly along, or a warm smile truly can make difference in any experience. 


It also may bring some good karma and open up a great opportunity for you to experience something different. You never know! 


Tip #3: Go out of Your Way to Make a New Friend ​

You know how when you are trying to get a job and it helps to know someone?A lot of times that makes all the difference. It is the same with your exchange.


Often times with conferences and exchanges we find that we will want to get to know everyone and be friends with everyone, which is a great goal. However the reality is that you only need to meet one person that will make all the difference. 


Step out of your comfort zone and invite someone to have dinner with you, or to go to the beach. It helps while traveling to have someone to do all of your adventures with and will make your trip one to remember. 


Tip #4: Say YES to Something Unexpected


Regardless of your level of planning you will have a schedule that you will need to follow. At the start of your exchange plan to do one thing unexpected.

Go with the mindset that you will not turn things down. Say yes to something you have never even thought of doing. It may be tempting to say no due to your situation, but I encourage you not to. You may miss out on something not many people get to experience.


A fitness exchange could be exactly what you need. It is a rare chance in life and can help you experience something great.


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