How Can Health & Wellness Help My Resort?

September 27, 2016



Health & wellness is a topic that is on most people's minds constantly. It is a worry we all face whether we choose to address it or not. 


The world is shifting mindsets a little bit, and consumers are now wanting healthier options for everything. 


Being healthy is a lifestyle that many people are fully committed to. However, for those who are not as committed they are still mindful of what the healthiest option is and often try to make the right choice.  



Rather than advertise how much food and alcohol you can give, try showing them a different side of your resort that might add some credibility to your reputation.


Are you levering health & wellness to its fullest capacity? Check out these suggestion so that you can help your clientele know how healthy you really are! 


Health & Wellness Month


By having activities and events every day which focus on health & wellness they will bring diversity and status to your resort. Some ideas for activities or events are:


1. Fitness Classes

Having constant classes gives your clientele options to do something that day that will also keep them at your resort as opposed to going somewhere else. Some examples are:

  • Zumba

  • Yoga

  • Crossfit

  • Swimming

You can even have a foreigner who comes for a vacation teach these classes in exchange for a place to stay! Contact someone to hire an instructor for you.


2. Cooking Classes


This might be where you hire a local to teach your clientele how to make fresh, authentic, healthy food.

They can even take your clientele to the local market and teach them what to buy.


3. Tournaments/competitions


  • Soccer

  • Volleyball

  • Swimming


Ask one of your employees to set this up and get it going! It will incorporate your staff more into the activities of your clientele and give them the chance to build relationships with your customers. 



4. Spa Day


You may already have a spa at your resort. If so emphasize the health benefit of using it. Maybe even offer a discount on your spa on spa day. If not its time to incorporate this into your resort.


5. Excursions


There are health & wellness resorts all over the world and they offer activities that are truly inspired. For example, there is a resort that offers a yoga getaway to Machu Pichu. Along with that, there are many other resorts offering activities that incorporate health & wellness activities that are memorable, and create an encouraging environment for your clientele. 


Go Green…The Earth Needs to be Healthy Too! 

Solar power is on the rise as a viable alternate energy source that guests will choose.


According to consumers are demanding more eco-friendly vacation resorts. There are many other ways (including recycling and food composting) that you can become an eco-friendly hotel/resort. 


Publish a Health Menu


With the food that you have on your menus do you have a 'less calorie' section? Is it marked by a health icon on the menu?


Here are some tips on how to make a healthy menu.


Communicating to people that you have healthier menu items and highlighting them with a “Chef Recommendation” or “Favorite Food” are 28% more likely to select it according to a study by Cornell University. 



Use Imagery to Communicate Health on Social Media 

Social media is important to the success of your resort. For more information on this topic see 5 Reasons Every Hotel Need to Use Facebook to Grow Their Business.


If you want your clientele to see what your resort has to offer in terms of health & wellness, social media is the way to do that. One picture is worth 1,000 words.


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