Using Social Media to Gain a Fitness Following

September 23, 2016


Looking to start a fitness page on social medias? There are many pages about fitness. How can you gain a following?


Here are some tips that will make the difference: 


Effective Use of the Selfie

Today, it’s all about the selfie! Did you know they actually added that word to the dictionary? It is a real thing apparently.

Regardless of how you feel about selfies people like GOOD selfies. Just think back to all of the selfies that you don’t like…are they

  • Too close? 

  • Too many? 

  • Too much of the same? 

Professional, well taken, selfies are a helpful way for people to see you build your credibility as a fitness instructor.


Helpful tip: It is more professional if someone else takes the picture. 

You need:

  • Colorful clothes- Bright and fluorescents are in, so let your colors shine.

  • Action shot- Seeing you in action make it more interesting and people want to try what you are doing. 

  • Show attitude- Showing personality excites and draws in viewers, and makes you more likable. 



Consistency is Key

The MOST IMPORTANT thing with any social media is consistency!!!


Just think about going to your local grocery store that has an item you really need. However, sometimes they are open and sometimes they aren't. You don't know the hours so eventually you just stop going altogether and find what you need elsewhere.


Your social media is like a digital storefront. You always need to be improving and updating so that people know you are up and ready to go!


Getting followers is all about being in their face enough to remind them that you and your services are worth their time. 


Did I mention Consistency is Key…but it’s HARD. 


The truth is that those whom are successful with social media post good content daily. 

Helpful tip: Set a reminder in your phone or use a publishing service like Hootsuite or Rocket Launch. This is a time saver! 



Gain More of a Network

  • Include as many people as possible. When it comes to including people in social media more is more. By including another person you are using both of your networks. Take it a step further and tag someone that you know will interact with the post.

  • It can be a simple post. Just be consistent as mentioned above. 

  • Use correct Hashtags. A great way to connect with potential viewers is with hashtags that function like a filing system for images. 

  • Like other people's pages to gain a network. It works this way on Instagram especially. You build a following by following others. 


Play the part and be creative


If you want a fitness following on social media you probably should be very into what you are doing. There are plenty of fitness guru's out there. Make sure you love being fit and helping others do the same.
The great part about it is you have something everyone wants. Tons of people want to be fit and struggle to do so.


Be encouraging and post things other than photos.


You can post meal plans, or articles on different types of exercises. You can post those quick work out plans that only take 5 minutes to do. Be creative! 



Take Risks

Do something interesting! Take risks! You can go to beautiful mountains and take photos of you doing fitness in a beautiful place. You can teach fitness classes and document your experiences.


For professional experience and a vacation at the same time you can go teach a fitness class at a resort in Mexico! You can do this in exchange for free room & board. CLICK HERE to find out how. 

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