To Do List for Your Resort Entertainment

September 20, 2016


1. Enhance the Atmosphere/Environment


This is THE KEY that lures people to your resort. People want to feel that they are away from the stress of their work and home life. At events, or even when they are using the resort facilities (i.e. pools, beaches, tours, etc.), the atmosphere needs to be at its peak.


There are many different types of atmospheres that you can create, but it needs to pertain to whatever mood you want to set. In most cases MUSIC WILL HELP CREATE YOUR ATMOSPHERE.


As a basic example, if it is a date night event the atmosphere should have a romantic mood to it. Dim the lights, add some lanterns, romantic music or a band, a dance floor, etc. 


Little details make a big difference.


The smallest details pile up to make the atmosphere something unforgettable. When the time and effort is put into the creation of your events you will be rewarded for it. 


2. Excursions That Pertain to the Area


Get in contact with local tour guides or cruise ships and offer or advertise their services at  your hotel. You can let them use your facilities, or provide ways for them to get to their excursion, but you make a profit off of this as well.



It is also a way to network yourself.These guides should be locals, as they have more knowledge about the area, but need to speak English.  


Offer simple things for activities or excursions at your hotel that you can easily keep on site. These things can include: paddle boards, jet skiis, snorkeling gear, etc.


If you are not by an ocean you can include things like transportation, tours of sites, an extravagant pool, bikes to ride from A to B, etc.


3. Events


Different events you can have are:

  • Shows about the culture of the area

  • Concerts

  • Theme nights at your restaurant

  • Games

  • Competitions

  • Classes (cooking, fitness, etc.)

  • Bike tours with a guide

There are no shortage of musical artists.  You are not limited in this area. Many people look for their opportunity to make a career by playing at events or resorts. You can hire them for an evening, on a weekly basis, strictly for your restaurant, etc. 


It is also possible to bring in a foreigner and have them play for your resort during their vacation. CLICK HERE to find out more.


Some theme night ideas include:

  • Date night

  • Ladies night

  • Luaus

  • Night of 20’s, 80’s, etc.

  • Formal wear


4. Something to Differentiate You From the Resort Next Door  


This may take some experimentation and it is completely dependent on your resort. Work with what you have but make sure you have facilities or activities that your neighbors do not have. 


It is possible to bring in some foreign services to teach classes. Maybe you have an Italian teaching a class on  how to make pastas, or a chef from Mexico making specialty salsas. You could have someone teach Yoga or Zumba, as health & wellness is becoming a desire for clientele all over the world. For more information on how you can do that for no extra cost to your resort CLICK HERE.


5. A Way to Communicate What You Have


It does no good to host an event but have no one show up to it.


There needs to be a way to meet your audience where they are. You need to find a way to connect with clientele while they are in close proximity to your resort. 


With technology the possibilities are endless. Tell your guests when they check in that you communicate events you have through social media. For helpful more knowledge on how to accomplish this see 5 Remarkable Emerging Social Media Trends for Hotels. 



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To Do List for Your Resort Entertainment

September 20, 2016

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