6 Ways to be the Ultimate Zumba Instructor

September 20, 2016



Instructing Zumba can be tough. There are some awesome Zumba instructors  and some that are just so-so. How do you become the best?


Well, before I can tell you how to become the best, you need to make sure that you are prepared with the proper licenses.


*****First things first. You have to be licensed. *****


You cannot use the Zumba trade mark unless you are licensed to do so. Click Here to find out how to find a training near you. They will walk you through all the steps to get your teaching license.





1. Be Fit, Mobile, and Healthy.


It is extremely tough to be a great instructor if you yourself are not up to par on the fitness level. Practice what you preach! This one is an obvious tip, but one of the most important.  


I’m not going to take my Zumba teacher very seriously if she has trouble moving.


Being fit has many definitions. You don’t have to be extremely skinny and petite to be considered fit.


You just have to make sure you can do what you are asking others to do, but even more so. You need to be able to motivate and make sure you can help others when they are struggling.



2.  Have a Wide Variety of Moves and Exercises.


All sorts of people can take Zumba. Have a good base of different types of


exercises and dances that older people, children, pregnant women, or injured people can do.


There are always substitutes for certain moves that might be easier and put less strain on certain areas of the body.


Be educated on how to modify moves for all levels and ages!


3. Have a Fun Loving Attitude!


A lot of people who take Zumba have zero rhythm whatsoever. It is completely new to everyone at some point.


 Help them by not making them feel awkward. Help them to know they are welcome and not weird for wanting to come dance, instead of walk on a treadmill for an hour.


Show some pep, smile continuously, and use different tones of voice to keep it interesting. Even encourage students by saying good job (insert name here) Mix it up and have fun!


4. Use Props.


This sounds weird but props can be a lot of fun!


For example get a lot of gypsi looking wraps to wear around your hips that have little bells on them. Give them to your students and belly dance to your heart's content.


This is an area for creativity and sky’s the limit!


5. Try Different Locations.


Keep your class on their toes by throwing in some different locations every once in a while. If it is hot outside go do offer Aqua Zumba (licensing required here too).



OR if it is a nice autumn day maybe host a class in the park.



6. Get Experience Elsewhere.


If Zumba is your career, add to your resume by teaching in another country for a week or two. Let's face it, the dances and rhythms you teach originated from Latin America. How cool is it for you to teach in the Country those rhythms came from.  You will gain new experiences, meet people from all over the world, and maybe even introduce and inspire someone to take Zumba, all while you are vacationing!


If you are interested in teaching Zumba in Mexico in exchange for free room & board at a resort Click Here!

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