Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Resort Entertainment

August 4, 2016


In today’s tourism market you always need to be the best and brightest to attract and maintain your clientele. Your guests’ experience needs enhancing!


You always need to be improving and as someone who has lived in Mexico and in the tourism industry there are many good locations and few great resorts.


Just think about it, there are beautiful places with ocean views, snorkeling galore, and excursions to offer! However, the resort next door is the same with a different name. Here are the top five ways to be better than good enough.


1. Bring in foreign services


Diversity in your resort is key! Although guests are on vacation they still want to feel like home. So bring them in!

Instead of the high costs of contracting a foreigner use services that save you money!


Fitness Vacation Exchange is one example. They contract fitness instructors for you whom come to your resort offering fitness classes for the week in the language of your clientele. All you need to provide them is room & board.


Proship Entertainment is similar providing music for your customers. Other services include: Cooking classes, music nights or classes, magicians, and other entertainers. These options are less expensive than flying out an American and offering an American wage.


2.Reward social media posting

Social media is huge in business and advertising. Content can reach thousands of people in a matter of minutes. 


If your customers post pictures of your resort and they can tag the resort using a special "hashtag" people all over the world will see it. This is a modern way of getting the word out really quick. Encourage them to do that around every corner.


Give guests extra towels, complimentary chocolates, or a discount for sharing posts. In social media more is more.


3. Empower your employees to make a difference


Vacation is not only the beaches but the people your guests encounter. They are part of the experience and can offer so much to your resort.


Find employees that can offer an experience for your guests. It is the simple things like building relationships with people or telling jokes or giving out chocolates to all of the kids. They are a huge part of what your guest experiences.


 Areas of emphasis would be employees that work in restaurants or with excursions. Anyone who is very involved with people need to have a “special people skill”. This is the one thing that they do better than anyone else.


I have noticed in my time that waiters on cruise ships are excellent at this. They serve the same people for their entire stay and really develop a relationship with them. The guests have a great time and the waiter gets a big tip. It’s a win-win.


​4. Change one thing per week.


Use this as an experiment. Change one thing about your entertainment per week and see how the public responds. Throw out the things that don’t work and keep the ones that do. You should always be looking for ways to improve things, because everything can be improved.


Keep track of your experiments. Do your own research on your entertainment. Think outside the box. There are so many ways to make your entertainment unique by changing one element because we have so many things available to us in this day in age. Technology is great that way. Get creative!




The bottom line is that if people don’t know, they don’t go. It is your job to make sure they know about the experiences they can have.


It is worth it to take the extra time to inform your employees so they become your promoters.


Just think as your cleaning staff sees a family leaving their room they can say something simple like, "Going to show now?”. Guest will ask about the “show” and they will be guided to the next entertainment event. Times that one experience by every employee that you have and you can see how talking to one person can change the entire entertainment culture.


There is working hard and there is working smart. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, you just have to turn it faster!

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