Best Ways to Make Your Vacation Cheaper

August 11, 2016



I have said that multiple times throughout the year. 


Vacations are great for the soul and perfect for recharging your batteries. They help you become more productive in the long run. We all need rest from our work and time to reset. 


The problem is the money is not always there.  


There are some tricks to make your vacation cheaper. The benefit of these tricks are that you will still be able to go where YOU WANT to go. You won't have to go somewhere else because it is cheaper.


Here are some tips to make your dream vacation cheaper:


1. Airbnb.


Whomever created this is a GENIUS.  My husband and I participated in this when we lived in Cozumel. People have houses with extra space and they offer out that extra space for way cheaper than hotels or resorts. Sometimes people have 2 or 3 empty houses and put those up on Airbnb.


There are some huge benefits to this:


  • Everyone all over the world uses it. Say you want to go to another country, one that has beautiful tourist areas and more sketchy living areas i.e. Mexico. You might feel a little bit nervous to go stay in the house of someone in another country with a different culture or language.


There are actually many Americans, Canadians, and other various ethnicities that live in Mexico ESPECIALLY near those tourist areas that put their houses up on Airbnb.  


  • Staying at someone’s home means you also get to see the local side of things. It is amazing to see how the people live, and find those hidden gems in the city that most people don’t know about.


The person who owns the house you may be staying in probably has expert knowledge of the best things to do around the area. USE THEM!


For example, there are many cool local places in Cozumel that we got to experience for FREE! We also got to share those places with our friends and people we allowed to stay in our home.


The con to this is it is mostly for one or two people depending on the size of the spaces available. If you have a lot of people going on vacation see my next point.


2. Rent a house instead of a hotel when many people are going.


This may depend on where you want to go, but I have experienced this in Mexico, California, and Florida. If you have a big family that would take up two or more rooms it is cheaper to rent a house.


Often times that house might even have a pool! Do your research because, depending on what you can find, you can have a much nicer and roomier stay for a lot less money.


3. Local excursions or trips.


You see this mainly with cruise ships or pre-booking excursions online. It is actually way cheaper to wait until you get there and talk to the locals.


If you want to go ziplining, whale watching, snorkeling, scuba diving, skiing, on a tour through a famous city, or whatever you choose it is ALMOST ALWAYS CHEAPER TO WAIT UNTIL YOU GET THERE.


If you book through another company or cruise ship, those guys take a portion of your money. It is how business works. So in turn the people offering the excursion charge more.


However, if you wait until you get to your destination and see a sign for a local company that offers tours, all of your money goes straight to them AND you can barter on the price.


Most excursions done through locals cost less than half of what you would pay going through a cruise ship or another company. Don’t forget to tip them though!


4. Vacation Exchanges


If you do enough research a home exchange may be cheaper for you. However, sometimes there is a large fee to list your home on a home exchange website. Sometimes that fee is still cheaper than paying for a hotel for one week though!


Another way to do it is to find a way to offer a skill in exchange for free room & board. There are ways to do this!


For example, you could go to an all inclusive resort and teach a fitness class like yoga, zumba, or water aerobics, and in exchange for your service you can receive a food stipend and a free room at an awesome hotel! Click here to find out more about this.


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