WANTED: Certified Fitness Instructors in Mexico

August 7, 2016


Certified instructors are needed in Mexico to teach fitness classes. Resorts are constantly looking for ways to differentiate themselves from the competition, and enhance the experience of their clientele. Many resorts around the world have discovered that health and wellness is the way to do just that. 


Mexico is starting to catch on to that concept. There are resorts in the Cancun area that need certified fitness instructors to conduct classes at their resorts.


 Here are some reasons to get certified to teach fitness classes in Mexico:


1. Add to Your Work Experience


Adding in an international fitness exchange to your resume increases your level of professionalism and experience. 


In today's day experience is extremely important. Sometimes it even takes precedent over a college degree. The more experience you gain the more qualified you become.


2. Hotel Managers Want Qualified Instructors


For a large part of Mexico the socio-economic status is very low. For those whom are struggling the last thing on their mind is being fit.


While not true for all of Mexico it is difficult for managers to find natives that are qualified to teach these classes.


The fitness and health culture is not strong thus there is a limited amount of individuals to select. As compared to the USA there is a large gap between the further advanced fitness culture.


Certified instructors, who are experts about their class and can speak English (the clientele mostly speaks English), are valuable.


3. You DO NOT Have to Live in Mexico to Teach Classes There


You may be thinking that Mexico is looking for permanent instructors to go and live in Mexico. That is not exactly the case.


By doing a fitness exchange you can escape for a little while to Mexico on vacation and teach a fitness class at a resort while you are staying there.


But why teach a class while you are on vacation? Let me tell you:

  • To help people

  • to make connections

  • To Vacation for a lower cost

  • to receive benefits for your service

If you are a certified fitness instructor and LOVE what you do, find out how you can apply to be a fitness instructor during your vacation and receive benefits for doing it! These benefits include a stay at an all-inclusive resort and all of the great things that come with that. What are you waiting for?! Apply today! 


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