Have You Heard of the New "Workation"?

August 6, 2016


What if there was a way you could be on vacation... but for as long as you wanted. Would you do it?


I know the feeling of when a vacation ends and it was just too short. That longing to stay there just to get my fill and escape my mundane routine just a little bit longer. There is a way to do this without having money be an issue and it's called the "WORKATION"!


Nowadays in the global economy there are companies, especially in tourism, that need qualified individuals for their services. Although they can't get you on full time they will save you money by giving you a free place to stay. By having room & board taken care of you could extend your stay using what money you would have used for a hotel on other things.


Working in Paradise sounds wonderful doesn’t it? This is

a common thing people are doing recently. I have seen some do this for one week and some do it for up to a year.


There are many different ways to do it and it is full of benefits.


1. Resorts need services

General managers of resorts are always looking to improve and enhance customers’ experience. There are companies that allow you to go teach a class or provide a service, and they will trade you for free room and board as well as all the privileges that go into an all inclusive resort.  There are fitness exchanges you can go on, or music exchanges as well. 


2. Experience new places

You get to experience new countries, cultures, and exotic places that maybe you would not have done otherwise. Life is about enjoying the journey and what better way than to go on a new adventure somewhere you have never been? Do some research on a place you might be interested in visiting. See what there is to offer in terms of "workations". 


3. Build your resume

You can add the experience of using your skills on an international level to your personal resume. It will set you apart and make you different from the competition if you are trying to get a job in the future. It will also stand out in your resume as not many people have international experience. 


4. Control your schedule

You can provide a service (or work), on your terms. It could be from a deck overlooking the ocean in sunny Mexico. It could be in a pool at an all inclusive resort teaching water aerobics or swimming lessons.


5. Eliminate all the stress

There is less stress while you are vacationing which might actually make you more


productive. This is especially so if you have your own business. If you already have a job that can be done online most of the time you should definitely go on a workation once a year or so.


This could be your next adventure! However, instead of going to try to convince the general manager of a resort to allow you to do this, someone has already done it for you. Apply with Fitness Vacation Exchange to get more information to start your workation.

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